Linda Urselmans

This page contains several videos of my models running. Click on the Youtube to watch, or alternatively visit my YouTube Channel to see all my videos.

>>Immigration algorithm

The implementation of my immigration algorithm can be watched on my YouTube Channel. Click the video below to start. The model is written in Java.

>>Migration and adaptive tolerance

This is an implementation of Schelling's segregation model that includes the immigration algorithm. In this version, agents are adaptive and will change their tolerance towards out-group members. In this video, the tolerant agents become the dominant group in the long run. The native to migrant ratio is 80:20; enough contact between the two group exists to 'tip' the population towards tolerance.

>>Migration and adaptive (in)tolerance

This video shows a simulation run of the Schelling migration model with adaptive tolerance; but this time, the intolerant agents become the dominant group over time. The ratio of 98:2 natives to migrants doesn't allow enough agents to experience contact which could increase their tolerance.